See that banner crap above? Due to FortuneCity's blatant & bastardly disregard for anyone's site content by defacing every single page of every single site with their damn banner ads, D.J. Industries has been voluntarily removed, as we will not tolerate UNWANTED banner ads on our site.
FortuneCity has proven that it's name literally means website space for their fortune only.

We are searching for a suitable site host whom does not deface pages with banners, pop-ups, lame ads, or rule over it's members with tyrannical or communist-style terms. If you know of any such host(s), please drop us a line at
Once such a host is found, a redirecting URL will be placed here. So please check back in every once in a while.
In the meantime.. if you want, you can read about things that really irritate the head guy at DJ Industries over here.